Doctoral Degree

The Postgraduate Program in Rheumatology at Escola Paulista de Medicina awards master’s and doctoral degrees to students technically and scientifically qualified to exercise professional activities in teaching and research in Rheumatology and related areas.
The Program’s main goal is to achieve excellence in teaching activities, scientific and technological research, as well as promote continuous updating and development in Rheumatology.
1. Objectives

1.1. Training of professionals and highly qualified teachers to carry out teaching and research activities in the area of ​​Undergraduate and Postgraduate;
1.2. Development of a critical and innovative spirit, seeking the generation of new knowledge;
1.3. Development of research in the various areas related to Rheumatology, seeking the frontier of current knowledge;
1.4. Development of the capacity to prepare, write and execute research projects, as well as the capacity to write scientific articles;
1.5. Involvement of students in teaching activities to undergraduate students and medical residency;
1.6. Training of professionals inserted in the current social context and seeking integration with society.

2. Requirements for the doctoral degree
2.1. Total 60 (sixty) Credit Units in programmed or supervised activities, as established by the Regulation of the Graduate Program and obeyed at least as defined in these Bylaws;
2.2. Attend compulsory courses and activities, meeting the requirements for approval;
2.3. Comply with other specific obligations to the Program, as established in its Regulations;
2.4. Certificate of proficiency in English;
2.5. Develop original work constituting the basis for the development of the Doctoral Thesis;
2.6. Approvel at the Qualification Exam, according to the criteria established by the Post-Graduation Teaching Commission;
2.7. Place the thesis at Program Office, through a document of consent of the Advisor;
2.8. Provide the Unifesp supervisor with all original data resulting from the research work, as well as the biological samples related to the work;
2.9 Proof of submission or acceptance of MEDLINE-indexed journal of paper resulting from the Thesis, of which the student is the first author, will be required.
2.10. Approval of Thesis by the Judging Commission;
2.11. Place the thesis in the Pro-Rector's Office for Postgraduate and Research, accompanied by the minutes of the trial session, signed by the Judging Committee, and documentation evidencing compliance with all the specific requirements of the program, signed by the Advisor and the Program Coordinator.

Note: The enrollment lockout period, if it occurs, will be computed within the deadlines established in accordance with the general regulations of the Postgraduate and Research Council (CPGPq) of UNIFESP.


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