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25 Apr 2017 17:59


The Postgraduate Program in Health SciencesApplied to Rheumatology at Universidade Federal de São Paulo was founded in 1983 by Professor Edgard Atra, Full Professor of Rheumatology.

25 May 2017 16:55

Conheça os projetos de pesquisa em Reumatologia que estão em andamento na Escola Paulista de Medicina.

25 May 2017 16:22

23 May 2017 08:42

O Programa conta com ampla estrutura ambulatorial e laboratorial para condução de suas atividades de ensino, pesquisa e assistência.

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24 May 2017 17:05
Assembly of IMPDH2-Based, CTPS-Based, and Mixed Rod/Ring Structures Is Dependent on Cell Type and Conditions of Induction

Authors: Gerson Dierley Keppeke, S. John Calise, Edward K.L. Chan, Luis Eduardo C. Andrade

Artigos Cientificos
24 May 2017 16:39
High frequency of immunodeficiency-like states in systemic lupus erythematosus: a cross-sectional study in 300 consecutive patients

Authors: Sandro F. Perazzio Átila Granados Reinaldo Salomão Neusa P. Silva [ ... ]

Artigos Cientificos
24 May 2017 18:09
Identification of NF-κB and PLCL2 as new susceptibility genes and highlights on a potential role of IRF8 through interferon signature modulation in systemic sclerosis


Authors: Maria Arismendi, Matthieu Giraud, Nadira Ruzehaji, Philippe Dieudé, [ ... ]

Artigos Cientificos
24 May 2017 17:05
Low C4, C4A and C4B gene copy numbers are stronger risk factors for juvenile-onset than for adult-onset systemic lupus erythematosus

Authors: Kaline M. C. Pereira  Atila G. A. Faria  Bernadete L. Liphaus  Adriana [ ... ]

Artigos Cientificos

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